Monday, 10 December 2007

Send your views to MP and councillors

Leeds City Council owns the Corn Exchange, they also make policy as to how the City should be developed, built and managed. Councillors often lose connection to their constituents so we must let them know what we think.

Send this letter to:


I am writing to you to show my concern over the current plans to turn the Corn Exchange into an International Food Emporium. You have probably heard the controversy that these have caused and how thousands of people in Leeds are against it.

The Corn Exchange is a Public Building, an architectural icon and forms part of the history of Leeds. It is also one of the few places in Leeds that offers independent shops and a friendly space to meet people of all kinds. Current plans will undermine these great qualities.

The Corn Exchange is owned by Leeds City Council but leased on a long terms basis to Zurich Assurance. Their objective is to maximise profit and make the most of their investment which they currently cannot do with independent traders. But is this the right approach to a Public building and historical heritage in Leeds? The Council should be able to decide over buildings that owns and that belong to the community as public assets.

As the political representative for the city of Leeds I understand is your role to defend the interests of citizens who live, work or shop in Leeds and so I urge you to ask Zurich Assurance and Leeds City Council to re-consider their plans,

Best regards,

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